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Spinning straw into gold: thoughts on writing.


hannah brencher.


For the last few days, I’ve sat in a dark room giving memories their proper burials.

I can imagine the way the funeral director wrings her hands beneath the hot water faucet as she preps to make settings of “goodbye” for so many. It feels a lot like that; writing a book is like finally saying goodbye to memories and finally having the courage to let go for good as you script just enough to tell your friend over a cup of coffee, “I’ve used up all the words. It’s over now.”

I didn’t imagine writing a book would feel this way. I’m one month into writing a book and I didn’t imagine it would be like this. I’m certain now that I will write a book about writing a book just so I can write the line, “It was the most hauntingly beautiful process I’ve ever experienced, to sit…

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my week to breathe



Over fall break my whole family went to north Georgia while I stayed home. Over this week I actually got to relax and live a little. No it wasn’t anything crazy and outrageous. However, it was a good adrenaline rush. Basically my best friend came over at 2am, and we were bored so we went out to old mill rd. Of course we were playing night train on the way out there haha. Anyways coincidentally we got there right as the train was coming. We pulled up next to the track, got out the truck, and as the train went by we stood next to it. Arms spread out, wind holding us up, screaming. One wrong move and I could’ve been hurt severely, but I didn’t care at the moment. Granted I was terrified at first but it was worth it. It was an unforgettable experience. Although I wouldn’t recommend anyone going out doing that. Especially if you’re alone. Stay safe kids haha.