Monthly Archives: November 2013

Love yourself before you love anyone else! :)



“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. No matter how hard the struggle gets, don’t ever give up. I’ve learned that you can be drug through hell, but if you keep fighting you’ll survive. I’ve got a lot of problems, yet I still find a way to smile.  As much as I’ve been through, & as much as it hurt, it’s allowed me to have a better understanding & perspective on life. I love that I’m able to give advice & help others through their struggles. Sometimes it’s stressful, but in the end you realize how much of an impact you made. Essentially I’m able to smile because I helped stop someone from doing something that could potentially ruin their life. The next time you wake up try telling yourself that “today I’m going to live, not just survive.” ♥


Taste for change


So we all know school food isn’t always the best; even after doing a health survey every yr. Wouldn’t it be nice if the school actually supplied us with not only healthier food but more of it? I think so. I think that the school should stop spending sooo much money on these new 30 day drug test, & invest it in our food. We’re growing TEENS, a slice of pizza, a cup of fruit,  & a milk is NOT going to fill us up. Especially with the principal and B.O.E. taking vending machines away.