Let’s be logical here.


You would think that living in the society that I do ignorance would be nothing new. However, a couple months ago I was shocked. To hear a student say they’d rather risk their life to sell drugs rather than completing his education blew me away. I was so astounded and angry to hear that this person would rather take,  what they consider the easy way out, than actually putting forth the effort they could.  Then, to top it off, considering it a “game”. Risking your life, that you haven’t even began to start, for a few bucks is the worst thing you could do. In all honesty if you look at the bigger picture drug dealers don’t even make minimum wage. The only one’s who make the real money are the ones at the top, & they didn’t get there just for selling dope on a street corner. I never thought someone’s ignorance could blow my mind as much as it did that day.


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