New chapter


Well I’ve been holding off on my new years post but now since I have nothing else to do I’ll take a second to say a few things. It’s finally 2015. The yr i barely made it to. Last yr was indeed a rollercoaster. Hopefully this one won’t be the same. I finally have found some stability in my life. In two months I’ll be 18. In five months I’ll be walking across a stage in front of my whole town with the best friends anyone could ask for. In about seven months I’ll be starting college in athens. Oh and I can’t forget, my recovery. October will be one yr clean of self harm. This yr is going to be my year, literally.  I’m finally starting MY life. I’m gunna miss each and everyone of my friends as I do those that are no longer around. 2015 is going to be the most intimidating, scary, yet exciting year for me. I’ll finally be able to be my own person with my own little family. Fur baby family that is haha. So hears to a new & eventful year! ♡


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