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My heart skippeda beat. 



Your smile captured my heart.

Your eyes met my eyes.

Your laugh is like an award winning Grammy music in my ears.

The way you look at me, you made me melt in my seat.

The spark that I felt in my heart, that I almost forgot.

The numbness that I only felt when I am excited or afraid when I saw you.

The time you caught me staring at you that made my heart skipped a beat.

I hope to see you again.

Because love will always win,

no Boundaries.

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life is like a box of chocolates


Someone to Lean On

You really never know what you’re going to get. Right now my life is like the nasty sugar free chocolate that is a ripoff of the real deal. If you like sugar free chocolate, sorry but when you’re allergic they suck. Do you ever wonder what you are doing with yourself, like what your plans are beyond your next meal? I have gone through a list of all the things I could do with my life, but nothing seems to be right. I can’t seem to find the right path and nobody cares enough to help me figure out. Sometimes I just want to take a vow of silence because the more I talk the less I make sense. If I could get in the car and drive as far away as possible, I would. I just want to be on a beach alone to soak up the sun and…

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Note to self 5; ( tumblr doesn’t have all the answers )


No matter how many different ways you type it into google tumblr isn’t going to have it! Stop trying to find it because it doesn’t exist. No one is going to be able to write everything you feel. Not everyone is going to be able to tell you exactly what to do, what to think, how to feel, or even how he feels. You have to learn as it happens. It may seem new and scary, but look at how happy you are. He brightens the fire in you and your fire to his skin remember.  Just enjoy every second because he’s going to be your best.