Monthly Archives: December 2015

Counting backwards…


It’s been a week and it just hit me it all still hurts like hell. Seeing him share that post from their high school days just made it all the more real. My hearts in my stomach & i feel like a broken record. You’re not mine anymore and two months just flew by and i lost you completely.  I hoped i still had the chance of you being mine, but it’s clear we’re not meant to be anything more than friends and it hurts. I have no doubt in my mind you’re suppose to be my soul mate. But i guess I’m not yours and that’s just how things go sometimes. My heart feels so alone and not a single rebound could make this feeling disappear. I know because for the last week I’ve been drunk and on date after date. Only for it to hit me today that you’re all i want and I’ve lost you. I’m not what you want and it hurts after all the text and long nights that ended with lingering kisses that engulfed my soul. You let me feel the sparkle in my own eyes and I’ve never been more happy than those two months with you. I wish this wasn’t so fucking hard.